Step Sisters is a game that was a group assignment. The idea is that you are one of Cinderella's step sisters and your goal is to cut off all the toes on one of your feet so that it can fit the golden slipper and you will be able to wed the prince. You better do it before Cinderella or your other sisters! For this project I mostly worked on the graphic design of the game board, cards, and rule book. I have also helped with testing, and minor game design stuff such as the dial used to show which square an intended card will be placed so there is no cheating during the simultaneous rounds. The three of us are continuing to work on this game with the hopes of publishing it.
Turf Wars was an assignment where we had to make a game based on Bokus and Patchwork, both of which use Tetris style shapes in a grid board. The goal of Turf Wars is to create the best garden in the gardening competition. To do so you must fill as much of your board as you can with flowers. Flowers of the same color can be placed next to each other but flowers of different colors can only be placed at the corners. There is a deck of cards that contain every shape in every color. There is a marketplace where five cards are shown face up. You generate seeds each turn that you can use to buy flowers for your plot. The seeds, marketplace, and limited placing cause an interesting dilemma for the players. There are some balancing issues I need to work out. If I take out the economy it's a pretty fun game though simpler. I also want to publish this game some day.
For this game we were supposed to come up with a puzzle game. This is a strategy game with puzzle aspects. In order to have a good economy you must place buildings in ways that benefit each other. That creates an interesting puzzle which can be solved in a number of ways.
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