I made the logo for Cheese Chase. This design was used in the title menu, stickers that were given away at FUSE, and for the promotional art.
This is the menu screen. The buttons had two states, the one shown here and a brighter version that had a glow effect around the edge to show the user that they had interacted with the button and it was responding. The mouse holes had a mouse and a rat that bounced in the entrances.
The game was played on a 27 in touch screen monitor and placed on specially made tables so that they like smaller touch tables. The game was a two player race with the players facing each other. The middle brick part would spawn pipes of various lengths and shapes at random. They would then have to race to finish the most efficient pip path from the brick, which had a mouse hole spawner, to the opposite bottom corner where a pipe with cheese was placed. The player with the most rats or mice to get to the cheese at the end was the winner.
This was an illustrative instruction screen. Did not make the pipes, nor the rodents but I made all the other assets in this screen.
This was the credits screen I made. The mice and rats in the pipes were made by both of my animators and the pipes were made by just one of them. I used those assets and followed the design of the start menu page and created the credits screen. The last image is a very similar design but was used as a giant promotional banner for FUSE.
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