This illustration was originally intended to be cover art for a book but ultimately I could not do what the author wanted and she went with someone else. I was able to change the art to make a nice illustration instead.
I had more plans for this image but when I got done with the landscape I realized I liked it just as it is. It was one of my first attempts at trying something more intricately painted.
This was a challenge to draw. I don't do a lot of digital paintings of people and so this painting was a learning experience.
None of these characters are original to me. This is technically fan art of a game called Ooblets that at this moment is not released yet. I have this in here for two reasons. The first is because I am proud of my painting. While I grew up doing traditional drawing and painting, I have only been digitally painting for about five years now. It's been a challenge and learning experience but I feel that these three images have shown improvement for me. My second reason is for the narrative element that runs through these three pictures.
This was a painting I made for my best friend as a wedding present. It's acrylic paint on canvas. I added this because it has a nice color palette and the subject is nicely balanced in the painting.
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