Ablien, is a single player puzzle based race against the clock made in Unity. I made this with a partner. We both did various aspects of the code. I made all of the art assets using Photoshop. Though the game never really made it out of Alpha stage I was pretty proud of the art. The idea was that you are sent to board an alien ship and set a bomb on the ship's reactor core. You then have as long as the bomb ticks down to get back to your escape pod. The Aliens have been alerted to your presence and have started sealing off various escape routes. The aliens have special stealth gear which doesn't work correctly with human eyesight. Unfortunately you cannot see the alien's control panels without special goggles. You must navigate the ship by switching from the goggles to normal vision while avoiding the alien's blaster fire. Can you survive?
This image and the one below are the art assets from the game. The spaceship is the actual layout of the level. There is a special route to get from the starting point to the ending point. The bottom part is all the bits and bobs that populate the level. The big green circle is the reactor core animation. At the very bottom is the animation for the player, and the two enemy types, including the frozen state for both.
This is just a simple game I made by myself with HTML and CSS. It was made using Brackets. It's not super original but I wanted to show that I have made games using a number of different formats. The object of the game is to eat the smaller blue circles until there are normal circles left. Avoid the bigger pink circles though because they can eat you!
This is a super simple point and click adventure game I made by myself using Adobe Animate. You are a robot that has run out of batteries and need to go to the store. There are two endings: change the battery and walk the dog, or fail to change the batteries and die. There is only one way to win: grab the sprockets, the house key, and the correct battery brand. There are multiple ways to lose: forget the key and get locked out of the house causing the battery to die before it can be changed, forget the sprockets making you have to return home which drains the batter and you die, grab the wrong battery brand which causes you to have to go back to the store which drains your battery and you die.
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