We started off the capstone by prototyping three different games. The art team started off with concept sketches of the first prototype and then moved on to concept art. The prototype was a dance em up (like a beat em up but with dance moves instead) in a Lovecraftian world. I sketched a roaring 1920's hotel that was corrupted by the Lovecraftian Horrors. The main character is a pretty young flapper girl and the main villain is the King in Yellow, decked out in a suave golden suit. The final concept was 1930s Spanish civil war instead. An idyllic coastal mountain town is struck by the horrors of war and Lovecraft.
Our second prototype was a shadow puzzle game. A young shadow girl, and a boy with a flashlight help each other move through out the world. A game that would be inspired by the beautiful wistfulness of Studio Ghibli would play out around an abandoned clock tower. Story evolved the game to only take place in the clock tower during a snow storm.
The last prototype was a hodgepodge of ideas: a co-op game where you protect a village from hordes of enemies while leading villagers on an escort quest to a shrine so that they can pray, giving you faith to level up. For this one I was to come up with concepts for creepy enemies. When I moved on to actual concept art they grew less creepy.
We ended up choosing the last prototype. Since my art was more cute than creepy I was put in charge of creating concepts of the villagers. The villagers are meant to be cuter, smaller, more living versions of the main character who is the guardian spirit. Since the prototyping phase the game has dropped the escort quests and the co-op aspect. It is now a single player game where you protect the village and go out to explore the wilderness surrounding it.
These are my concepts of the villagers. We decided on a paperdoll system to make easily different villagers while using the same rig and base model. We decided on a low poly style with flat shaders. As you can tell from the first image, the model is very low poly. The base model is under 400 polys and the clothing bits even less.
This is the villager's final animations for the vertical slice. This is an ongoing project.
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